Delivery Policy

The delivery address details should be provided correctly at the time of order. In case the address is incorrect, a re-delivery fee will be charged at the customer’s expense.

Estimated date and time can be provided for all delivery orders; however, we cannot guarantee the date or time of delivery.

To satisfy the customer with the highest level, the changes and cancellation will be accepted up to 24hours after the payment of purchase. The handling fee will be charged 30% for any subsequent changes.

Customers should inform the Online Tilers Store if the order has not been received on time. Enquiries will be lodged with relevant drivers to guarantee that the delivery process would be done as soon as possible after notification.

Please double-check the delivery docket in terms of items, batch number and condition of the tiles before signing it. If there are any defects, it should be reported to the driver immediately. The action to solve the problems will be made quickly after checking with the driver.

There is an hour of uploading/ on-site operation time, any delays on-site will be considered as operation time. Any additional time occurring during the delivery will be charged as $50 per 30min.

Without limiting the operation of any other Terms and Conditions herein, there is no liability for any loss or damage arising from items lost, stolen or damaged after delivery has taken place.


Delivery Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions will be effective immediately at the time of delivery. Therefore, customers are advised to read and fully understand the Terms and Conditions before the delivery is conducted.

Online Tilers Store will not be responsible for any property damage that may occur during delivery due to negligence of terms and conditions.

Assumption of the Risk, Release and Hold Harmless Agreement

The delivery of the tiling supplies involves exposure to inherent risks, including, without limitation:

  • Cracked driveways-Damage to grass/lawn
  • Damage to plants, flowers, or any other landscaping
  • Other damages caused by the weight, height, or width of the delivery vehicle to landscaping, driveways, pavers, or any other structure-Discoloration/skid marks of driveways or walkways due to slippery road condition, especially up/downhills
  • Damage or inconvenience caused by delivery of materials to a spot or location other than that indicated by the undersigned as per this agreement

Any damage and subsequent costs arising from Online Tilers Store’s vehicle becoming bogged onsite due to customer tipping directions are the responsibility of the customer. Customers need to accept responsibility for all associated costs, including towing fees that may arise from our driver and vehicle becoming bogged onsite.

Any act that violates the road regulation is prohibited

Drivers have the right to refuse any request other than the delivery job described. Customers will be responsible for penalties for enforcing the operation. There is no tolerance for any aggressive or abusive behavior towards drivers or operators at the site.

Secure enough space for Forklift / Crane operation while unloading

Customers must check and ensure that the operating space is not limited to deliveries from parking lots to loading and unloading machinery. Please find the table below to check the dimensions for the forklift/crane. No refunds will be given for cancellations due to space restrictions.


FORKLIFT VOLVO MANITOU : Weight Limit 1.5T, Hight 2.2m, Wide 3m

ISUZU LOAD MAC : Weight Limit 2T, Hight 2.6m, Wide 3m

CRANE Weight Limit 0.6T for Working Distance 5m (Max.)

Weight Limit 1.4T for Working Distance 1m (Min.)